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The Hopewell Rocks is one of New Brunswick’s Top Attractions.  Open seasonally from mid-May to mid-October, the Hopewell Rocks is located along the coast of the Bay of Fundy, which is home to the world's highest tides.

The Hopewell Rocks is a self-directed park, however interpretive staff are located at key areas to answer any questions you may have. In addition to the opportunity to walk on the ocean’s floor, we have two sandy beach areas at either end of the park and a number of well-marked walking trails.

What visit to New Brunswick could be complete until you've witnessed the natural wonder of the Bay of Fundy and learned the fascinating story behind its world-famous tides?   The Hopewell Rocks is a magical place for your imagination to play…the only place where you can become a part of that story.

  • Educational multi-media Interpretive Centre
  • Restaurant , snack-bar & gift shop
  • Clean washrooms
  • Scenic picnic areas
  • Ample free parking &  in-park shuttle service
  • Wheelchair accessibility (except the beach)
  • Groomed walking trails & panoramic look-off decks
  • Unique guided kayaking experiences

Time and tide have carved from the cliffs and coves distinctive sandstone formations topped with trees. During periods of low tide, you can walk 2 km of beach and explore several coves filled with these flowerpot rocks.
Many of the formations have nicknames inspired by their appearance. Look for Lover's Arch, Dinosaur Rock, Mother-in-law and ET, just to name a few. At high tide, these curious formations become small islands, surrounded by water. While many people like to explore the flowerpot rock formations at low tide, there are plenty of activities at high tide as well.

Families love to spend the whole day here. It's a place where children (and adults, too!) can let their imagination soar. We've nicknamed the formations but, like the clouds, they are as varied as the depth of your creativity. What do you see?

The Hopewell Rocks is the only location where you can combine a Bay of Fundy education with a Bay of Fundy experience.

Visit our interpretive centre or talk to members of our interpretive staff to discover the fascinating facts behind the:

  • Influences on the tides
  • Bay of Fundy geology
  • Bay of Fundy Shorebirds
  • Mi'kmaq legends
  • Bay of Fundy whales
  • Natural and cultural history

After a visit to our Interpretive Centre, walk to the beach and explore the ocean floor amongst the most photographed flowerpot rocks in the world.

After spending time at the Hopewell Rocks, you'll feel a deeper appreciation of the fragile complexity of our eco-systems and the simple beauty of this land and seascape. You'll understand what makes the Bay of Fundy tides unique and how the history and culture defines the people of this area. And perhaps you'll take home a locally made memento of your visit from our Tidal Treasures gift shop or a Bay of Fundy gift for a friend!

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Season Dates 2021

May 21 – June 24                   9:00 to 17:00
June 25 – August 22              9:00 to 20:00
August 23 – September 6    9:00 to 19:00
September 7 – October 11   9:00 to 17:00

Hours are subject to change without prior notice.

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